Sunday, 11 December 2011


As I fancy myself as the next Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, my friends sometimes let me excitably attack their hair with bleach and other substances to 'jazz it up'. I recently did 2 friends' hair for the school Christmas Ball, so I thought I'd share the result and process for those who are interested, or want to try it themselves!

The first brave friend was Dominique, who wanted a bright orange dip dye. Dip dyeing hair is pretty self explanatory, but for those who aren't familiar with the technique, the ends of the hair are bleached and then further colour is put over the bleached hair if desired. 
For Dominique's hair, we used a blue power bleach with 20vol developer for about 40 minutes:

Over this we put Directions dye in 'Apricot':

It came out like this:

The second brave friend was Ruth. Her hair was more tricky, as she wanted a single electric blue streak to match her shoes. The problem with this was that, as her hair is so dark, we had to bleach it three times to lift the colour enough for the toner. This isn't recommended; the third time we were worried about melting her hair (we didn't!).  The first 2 times were with a blue power bleach and 30vol developer for 40 minutes, and the third time was with 20vol developer. 
After three bleaches and toner her hair was like this: 

We then applied Directions dye in 'Atlantic Blue', and this was the result:

A word of warning regarding blue hair colours: dark hair will go orangey when bleached. Blue dye over orange hair will come out green. So, if you don't want green hair, use a toner!

Apologies if this post has been mind-numbingly boring- I'm far too obsessed with hair. 

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