Sunday, 4 December 2011

Beauty and the Beast

A little while ago I did a photoshoot for the 'Young Fashion Photographer of the Year' competition, run by Clothes Show Live. I didn't get anywhere in the competition (I didn't expect to), but I've been meaning to post some of the photos I took.
The brief told all entrants to take inspiration from an 'iconic' fashion image, and to put our own spin on it. I chose the photograph 'Barbara, Over Gadgeted, Does Lips' by William Klein, and my 'spin' was the ever relevant issue of the use of fur in fashion. Shown now, the image provokes a strong reaction concerning this issue, but back when originally shot (around 1950), the use of fur in fashion was much less controversial.

The original image

The final photo (all others are supporting images):

My model was a fellow 6th form pupil at my school, and the whole thing was made much more exciting by the fact that we had an hour to shoot the whole thing, as the model had a piano lesson to go to.

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