Saturday, 10 September 2011


I've had a fun filled weekend so far (terrible feeling that's about to change due to the coursework/instrumental practice I have to do)...

Today I 'ombred' Summer's hair - the first time I've done this (been itching to try it on somebody!) and it turned out well, it's actually less coppery than in the photos and more orangey/dark blonde! For those of you who're interested in how I did it: I did an all over medium brown colour (aside from the ends to be 'ombred') before bleaching (in foil) the ends for 15 minutes with a 30vol developer and blue bleach! I then bleached the very ends of the hair again for another 10 minutes or so to improve the 'gradation' of the tone.

Sorry about the bad quality photos ^

I also got my helix pierced today - I originally wanted a grey metal stud, but the piercing studio I went to only did bars or rings because they choose to pierce with needles, not a gun, so a ring it was! I'm still a smidge unsure about it (because I didn't expect to be getting a ring) but it's gradually growing on me.

Anyway, when it's all healed  up (6 months...!) I can put a stud in.

Wannabe Hipster x

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