Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well, it's been a week. Much has changed... I'm minus my vintage black and white Ray Bans (currently lost in Kensington somewhere...) and plus a sore throat (courtesy of Mendelssohn's Elijah...). Ah well, life goes on.

This weekend I'm embarking on a short trip to an outdoor-adventure centre. You know the sort: a gang of teenagers are thrown head-first into a muddy swamp in the hope that it will build character, or create an un-breakable life bond between them. In this case, the desired outcome is the latter, as the purpose of this excursion is to help my school's new sixth form 'bond'.

As I'm sure you can imagine, fashion and the aesthetic don't reign victorious on these trips, so expect some thoroughly hilarious snaps documenting my attempts at style (ahem) whilst swinging from trees, or whatever non-hipster friendly activities they have in store for us...

The trip will however be a great opportunity to put some of my most loved/trusted/absolutely couldn't live without (to the extent that when I've run out in the past I've been known to shed a tear or two) beauty products through their paces under, whilst not quite extreme, far from normal conditions! Updates to follow...

I also thought I'd post a picture of my current hair colour (needs a cut - getting one tomorrow!) as it's pretty hip (in my opinion.). 

T Shirt - Topman
Customised Levis - Charity Shop

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